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Please, make sure that the driver for the wireless is installed by right clicking my computer going to properts an then go to device manager. Hello all, 4 APs (Cisco aironet 1130) with overlaping, WPA/TKIP, 802.1x authentication, Protected EAP, MSCHAP v2 without "Automatically use my Windows logon username", hidden SSID, machine authentication is set in PCs registry key HKLM\SW\Microsoft\EAPOL\Pabal, value Auth Mode=2. it's the first step in authenticating a wireless connection on XP/SP2 to RADIUS on Win Server 2003. So we read to documents and perform some tests Logging is on but in the PC logs we dont see any major problems.

On a couple of occasions I've seen that particular AP (don't know what firmware) suddenly stop attempting to authnenticate clients (it never sends any RADIUS requests) and power-cycling the AP "fixes" the issue.

peenut..thanks for ur help..i did wat u ask me to do..then,at my right hand side,its empty like u said bfo.i close the console root,the save tab pop up..should i save the console1? wreless driver at my laptop or d wreless setting at the router? n fyi,mi wreless connection iare connection-enable wireless network..should be,i need to key in d password bfore able to connect d wreless..unfortunately d password box never appear..damnnnn.stuck!! thanks but i choose d right connection..suppose when i on d laptop,d wreless connection should be automatically connected.need to key in d password first.prob is dat i cant see any password box when the wreless are connected.info.network authentication should be WPA2-PSK like my 2 other laptop dat able to connect..however,my network authentication is 'open' and d list only have WPA, Shared and also WPA-PSK.it helping u guys in solving my probs? So I suggest ur try change the security settings on ur wlan router to suite ur current laptop.

As u mention ur network authentication is WPA2-PSK but ur laptop only have WPA-PSK.

WPA2 is supported as i can connect to WPA2 personal APs.

During the connection it flashes that it "connected" for a second then goes to "Validating Identity" which it eventually timesout on.

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